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Okeanos is a New Orleans Original

The Krewe of Okeanos is a New Orleans Mardi Gras parading Krewe organized in 1949 by civic-minded business leaders who were eager to bring a Carnival parade to St. Claude Avenue, their neighborhood’s main street. The club is named for the Greek god of oceans and fertile valleys and is sponsored by the Sonaeko (Okeanos spelled backwards) Club.
Okeanos presented its first ball and parade in 1950. The original parade route has changed, we now roll on the extended Uptown Route. In place of the traditional ball masque, the club presents an elegant Coronation Ball at which its King is presented and his Queen is selected by random draw during the Ball.

Okeanos Plaque

Mardi Gras Fountain

Like so many Carnival innovations, the fountain was the brainchild of Blaine Kern.  Inspired by fountains in Europe in the 1950’s, Mardi Gras Fountain was dedicated on Sept. 16, 1962. It includes 70 ceramic tile plaques displaying the crests of the city’s Carnival krewes including the Krewe of Okeanos.

Mardi Gras Fountain Dedication Plaque