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If you would like to print and mail the application in you can down load it here

Regular Membership Dues $575.00 per year (Includes, parade ride, dinner meetings, and member’s admission to the ball)

Junior Member Dues $450.00 per year (Must be 16 to 21 years of age, a full time student and must have signature of parent or guardian. Includes ride in parade only)
* Type of Membership

Dues are payable in full with the application after August 1st of each year or 50% with application prior to August 1st of each year and the balance due by October 1st of each year. Dues can be paid in the online store.

I, the undersigned, do apply for membership in the Sonaeko Club, Inc. If accepted into the membership of the Sonaeko Club, Inc., I promise to abide by the rules and regulations as formulated and periodically amended by the duly elected board of directors of the Sonaeko Club, Inc. I further bind and obligate myself to pay the annual dues of each succeeding year. If, in the future, I desire to terminate my membership in the Sonaeko Club, Inc., I will send by certified mail my written resignation post marked by the third Tuesday after each Carnival. If my resignation is post marked after this date I agree to remain obligated to the Sonaeko Club, Inc. for the coming year’s dues. It is further understood that if the parade or ball is cancelled due to circumstances beyond the clubs control or act of nature, all dues are still due and payable and there will be no refunds or applications of paid dues to future activities. The Sonaeko Club, Inc. retains the right to expel a member for non-payment of dues or the violation of any of the rules and regulation of the Sonaeko Club, Inc or the City of New Orleans, LA.

The Sonaeko Club, Inc. retains the right to ask for additional information during the approval process and to obtain a credit report on any prospective member. All applicants will be notified of the decision of the organization within 6 weeks of receipt of their completed application. If application is denied for any reason, all payments will be refunded.